The Release Decisions Tool (Beta)

Once provisional decisions are assigned, the Release Decisions tool can be used to confirm decisions, assign decision letters, and release decisions.

To navigate to the Release Decisions tool:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Release Decisions (beta), which brings you to the Overview stage.

  What happened to the old Release Decisions?

This article covers new functionality available in the latest version of the Release Decisions tool. If you'd rather use the legacy Release Decisions tool, you can click the link in the right-hand navigation at any time.


  Looking for legacy documentation?

Refer to Release Decisions legacy articles for information on this feature's previous iteration.

The Overview page updates regularly to display important decision statistics, including the number of applications at each stage in the release process, decision receipt statistics, login data by browser and location, and more.


The Stages on the right display the decision release steps in a chronological workflow order. Click through the following tabs to learn more about each stage:

for Release

This stage allows you to view records with a provisional decision. Select multiple decisions from the list at once to batch confirm provisional decision assignments.


For more information on this stage, read the Confirming Decisions article.



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