Inbox Gateway

The Inbox Gateway (previously the Email to Slate Gateway) is an ideal way to associate constituent email messages with a Slate record, regardless of the external email client you can be using (Gmail, Outlook, etc). Especially for messages being sent and/or received outside of Slate (in the case of a personal email address, for example), the Inbox Gateway allows selected messages to be added to the appropriate record in Slate.  

To set up an Inbox Gateway:

1.  Choose one of three ways to get to your Inbox Gateway:

      • Select Database from the main navigation. From the Communications section, select Inbox Gateway. This takes you to the Inbox Gateway tool.
      • Select Inbox, and on the menu dropdown select Gateway. This takes you to the Inbox Gateway tool.
      • Select Deliver, and on the side menu select Gateway Inbox. This also takes you to the Inbox Gateway tool.

2.  Select Connection Instructions. A popup will appear.




Connection Instructions

3.  Copy the email address address and add it to your email address book. The email address in the dialog is unique to each user. For this reason, each user should retrieve their own Slate Gateway email address. 
The current structure for the email address is as follows:

{{your database name}}.{{the user's GUID without hyphens}}

If you have been using the Inbox Gateway prior to 2023, this is the structure for the email address:

{{your database name}}.{{the user's GUID without hyphens}}

4.  Paste the copied unique email address into the BCC line of your email when replying or forwarding a message.


The forwarding address should be kept private; do not include the email address in the To or CC lines when replying to the constituent. 

5.  Periodically, be sure to check the Deliver >> Gateway Inbox tool to review messages forwarded to your personal Email to the Slate Gateway forwarding address. Messages that do not auto-match to a person record can be assigned, allowing them to appear on the Timeline tab of the associated record.

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