Double the Donation Integration


The Double the Donation service provides the ability to add a search to your donation form to determine if a donor’s employer provides matching gifts. This solution then provides the donor with actionable matching gift next steps immediately after the donation process, making it simple for donors to double their donation. The details of the search, including any applicable gift information, is sent to Double the Donation's 360MatchPro Platform for further managing of any expected matching gifts. 

Configuring the Donation Form

Add the Donation Form

  1. Use Briefcase to import the donation form and confirmation page.

    Briefcase ID: 35be8b27-15b3-09db-c380-a51aad478a3c@slate-advancement-showcase

    Once the content is added, the Double the Donation Integration form page appears.

  2. Select Edit Form and remove the standard fields (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Email address, Birthdate, and Mailing Address) added by the import process.

Configure the Donation Form

An Instructions block on the form handles the company search. To configure the block:

  1. Edit the block.
  2. Under Label, select Source.
  3. Replace the "YOUR_360MATCHPRO_PUBLIC_KEY" text with the key that has been provided by Double the Donation.


  4. Save the form.
Configuring the Confirmation

Add the Required Merge Fields

The following fields are required and must be present as merge fields on the confirmation page:

  • First Name {{sys-first}}
  • Last Name {{sys-last}}
  • Phone {{sys-phone}}
  • Donor Email {{sys-email}}
  • Payment Amount {{Form-Payment-Receipt.amount}}
  • Company ID {{company-id}}
  • Company Name {{company-name}}

Configure the Confirmation Page Script

Configure the confirmation page with the same Double the Donation key used for the donation form.

  1. Open the form’s Confirmation page.
  2. Select Edit Message.
  3. At the top of the message body section, select Source.
  4. Locate the two places highlighted in the example below, and replace the text, "YOUR_360MATCHPRO_PUBLIC_KEY" with the key provided by Double the Donation.

    Confirmation Page Script

Create Export for “Double the Donation Integration GUID”

Each transaction sent from Slate to Double the Donation requires a unique identifier. Since multiple gifts may be a part of a form submission, the Double the Donation Integration GUID serves as this unique value. To ensure that this value is sent to Double the Donation, add it as an export in the Edit Conditions section of the confirmation page.

To create this export:

  1. Open the form’s Confirmation Page.
  2. Select Edit Conditions.
  3. Select Export.

    Add Export

  4. Select GUID.

    Double the Donation Form GUID

  5. Select Continue.
  6. Select Save.

    Do not change the name of the Export.

    Save Export

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