iWave Research Integration

Technolutions has partnered with iWave to quickly import screened prospect and donor data into Slate. The method to screen records involves two processes:

  • Exporting data from Slate and uploading to iWave
  • Exporting screened records from iWave and uploading to Slate

All of the elements needed for a seamless integration with iWave are in the Research Library. Adding the iWave source from the library brings the following items to your database:

  • The iWave research source
  • The data keys needed for the iWave source
  • The prompts associated with certain data keys
  • A screening query, formatted to iWave specifications, that can be exported as a comma-separated value (CSV) file
  • A Source Format to automatically consume the return file from iWave

Once the iWave item has been added from the library, perform the procedures provided below to identify and screen records.

 Best Practice - The source format added for iWave behaves like all other source formats in Slate. Be sure to set the Remap Active setting to Active prior to uploading a file using the source format. Refer to the Source Formats section of the Knowledge Base for additional details on configuring source formats.


📺 Video Overview

Run the iWave Screening Query

Upload the CSV file to iWave

Download the Screened iWave File

Upload the iWave CSV file to Slate

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