Slatest News - January 2021

The Slatest News - January 2020


Winter Wonders Wrap-Up
Did you catch all of the surprise updates that Ping announced on Twitter and Instagram in December? The holidays may be over, but these Winter Wonders should provide joy all year long. 

  • Folders for Fields, Prompts, Rounds, and More 
    Is it too early for spring cleaning? Bring a little organization to long lists of objects throughout the Database page with new folder functionality. Add up to three levels of folder organization—complete with a description, color, and tooltips—for everything from checklist items to origin sources! Tip: Use the CTRL or ⌘ key and click on several objects to move them all into a folder at once.
  • Default Deliver Template
    Looking to set a new default font, text size, or other content in Deliver? Use the new Default Mailing Template configuration key to set the default formatting for new mailings. For ad-hoc messages or those sent from Inbox, add desired styling to the user signature, which functions as a default template for these types of messages. 
  • Calling All Email Device Types
    When sending an ad-hoc email, you can now choose a recipient email address that is stored in a custom email device type. For email "device_type" prompts, be sure the prompt category is set to "email" so that the value is included in the list.
  • Reverse-Order Your Reader Decision Letters
    Do you display released decision letters to reviewers in the Reader interface? Now you can reverse rank these letters and view the most recent letters first. Enable reverse rank on the desired Reader tab materials to implement this functionality.
  • Inbox Notes Indicator
    Never miss a note! The new Inbox notes indicator displays the number of messages and notes that you can view for a record.
  • Applicant Preferred Name for Recommendations
    Applicants completing a Slate-hosted application can now choose their preferred name when adding a recommender. If specified, this preferred name will be used in place of First + Last in communications to the recommender, and on the recommendation form.
  • Limitless Viewing in Batch Acquire 
    The 25-page viewing limit has been removed from Batch Acquire—you can now upload and view longer documents in this interface.
  • Edit Your Query Notes & Description
    Curious about clarifying your queries? Use the new "description" option to easily provide query guidance for your users, or the improved visibility of the "Edit Notes" functionality to store administrative notes and other information.
  • Custom Views in Upload Dataset (and more...)
    Would you like to add custom columns to your list within the Upload Dataset interface? Add and sort by user, remap status, destination scope... so many possibilities! Bonus: you can customize Contact, Address, Courses, and Relationships table views as well!
  • Batch Folder Management in Upload Dataset 
    Use the CTRL or ⌘ key and click on several sources in Upload Dataset to enable batch management options—you can now move multiple files into folders at once to stay organized.
  • 19th Century Birthdates
    Tracking donors or alumni from the Victorian age? Use the new "Record Minimum Year Override" configuration key to enable birth year date options as early as 1800.



Virtual Experience: Slate Presents 
We're excited to kick off 2021 with a special edition of our Slate Spotlight series. Join our founder & CEO, Alexander Clark, for a comprehensive tour of Slate's Configurable Joins query functionality. We'll share best practices for getting the most out of this powerful tool, and discuss some of the latest "CJs" features that have been released. Don't miss it—mark your calendars and register today.

  • Slate Spotlight: Configurable Joins with Alexander Clark – Thursday, January 28 at 1:00 pm ET
In case you missed any of our previous webinars, you can check out all our recordings on demand.

Online Training: Fundamentals of Slate
Do you have new staff in your office, or others looking for a Slate refresher? With our Fundamentals of Slate events, we've migrated our initial implementation and training to be fully online via our new eLearning training platform, the Technolutions Learning Lab

Each Fundamentals event spans 14 days, allowing users to learn at their own pace through interactive, online course content and virtual office hours with Technolutions experts. With events available focusing on Admissions & Enrollment, Student Success, and Advancement, there are options to fit the needs of your process.

The next Fundamentals events begin on Monday, January 25. Register now within your Slate database by navigating to Database >> Support Resources >> Learning Lab.



Stay Connected with Slate Preferred Partners
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Configurable Joins at the SIGConnect Conference

  • Configurable Joins: How to Make Them Work for You – Thursday, February 4 at 4:30 pm ET
This session, led by Strata Information Group’s Kathryn Lucas and Brian Regan, will cover the basic capabilities of Configurable Joins, the benefits they provide, and how to create and maintain them. Learn more about how to leverage entities, permissions, and Configurable Joins in forms to identify the most compelling and useful data. Don’t miss our own Ken Higgins as he makes a guest appearance! Register here.


💻 Tweet & Greet  
We love seeing all the ways that you've used Slate to adapt your events and processes for remote audiences. Here are a few of our favorite posts from the last few weeks. Keep those tweets coming!

  • It's okay, we love reading it, too! Thanks to Meaghan Conly from Saint Michael's College for the Slatest News shout-out
  • Give me all the year-over-year reports you have! We love this tweet from Oregon Institute of Technology's Erik Johnson
  • Which Winter Wonder was your favorite? We appreciate the enthusiasm from Crystal Baker and her colleague at Indiana University!
  • We're loving the "simultaneous Slate tabs" discussion sparked by Augustana College's Karen DahlstromIs twenty-six too many? We just counted while we were writing this month's issue...
🎵 Best of Broadway 
Theaters may be dark right now, but hopefully this Broadway playlist will help brighten your day. (Bonus: we've also updated our Slate Staff Selects playlist with the latest and greatest hits.)



Paige Dahlman
Client Success Manager
Technolutions Portland

What book would you recommend and why?
I just finished reading Tara Westover's Educated. I loved her perspective on learning, navigating being an outsider (even in her inner circles), and some of the costs of "enlightenment."

What was the most exotic vacation you've taken or place you've been to?
These days? My balcony. However, a few years ago, I booked an around-the-world ticket and traveled one direction until I made it back to where I started. My destinations spanned from near the Arctic circle to a small island in the South Pacific.

What superpower would you like to have?
I'd love to be able to speak every language! It seems practical, fun, and a fantastic bridge to get to know people of various cultures.

What's a fun fact not many of us know about you?
I have participated in a Guinness World Record attempt—the most people simultaneously dancing to "Thriller."

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