Research Permissions

The following permissions allow users to view, edit, and add research elements:

  • Research (Edit Configurations): The user can add and modify Research Sources, with the ability to modify the configuration and use of Data Keys.
  • Research (Edit Data): The user can modify the research data on a record. If the source of data is verified, the user cannot edit the data.
  • Research (Edit Verified Data): The user can modify research data on a record, even if it comes from a verified source.
  • Research (View Data): The user can view research data on a record.

In addition, research sources may be placed into Realms to further restrict the ability of users to access research items. Research sources placed in a realm are only accessible to users who have access to that realm, regardless of the user being granted the permissions described above. 

When used in combination with population-based permission control, these permissions and realms provide enhanced, granular control over how users see various sources on the records within the database. 

community_help.png When does the Research tab appear? - The Research tab appears on a record when a research source with the same scope as that record exists. The Research tab appears only for those users with access to view research data on a record.


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