Registering for College Visits

This article provides an overview of how you can register for open college visits and accept visit invitations from your counselors in

Email and Privacy Preferences

Your student profile has a Preferences tab where you can set your email and privacy preferences. This includes notifications for visit invitations and updates. Remember to keep this updated. 

 By default, all settings are set to receive notifications and share information.

  1. Click the Preferences in your profile.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter and update your information. The email and privacy preferences will control the following:
    • When you receive visit invitations and visit updates via email
    • When you receive counselor invite notifications via email
    • Whether or not you choose to be an anonymous visit registrant to colleges/universities
    • Whether or not you choose to share your contact information and interests
  4. Click Save.


Visit Registration

The Visits section of will display open visits and invitations. You can sign up for a visit directly through your account.

Open Events

Open events will include any visit or event that is hosted by your school and open to all students. 

Click on the visit/event details to request registration:


  What happens when registration is requested?

Your school will receive your registration request. If you have opted in to receiving email notifications for visit updates, you will receive registration approval emails.


Visit Invitations

Your counselor may send you invitations to college visits and events through their account.

Click on the invitation to accept or decline:


  How are invitations received?

If you have opted in to receiving email notifications for invitations, you will receive an email notification for each invitation.


All invitations and visit registration updates can be viewed in the Home section of


Visit Calendar

All visits appear on the visit calendar on the Visits page. 

The visit calendar can be used to view your institution's visits as well as appointments on other calendars that are imported via the Calendars link. Use the monthweek, and day buttons to change the date range visible on the calendar. The left arrow and right arrow buttons will change the date range displayed on the calendar. Use the today button to return to the current date in the calendar view.

Add Calendars to

Any number of external iCal feeds can be added to your visit calendar to help you avoid conflicts with school holidays, test dates, and other important appointments. Follow the steps below to add an external calendar:

  1. Click Calendars.
  2. Paste the external calendar URL into the Add Calendar by URL text box. 
    • NoteGoogle and Outlook have additional support resources to help you find your calendar's iCal URL.
    • Note: You can quickly add the US Holidays calendar by clicking the US Holidays link at the top of the popup window.

  3. Click the Add link next to the text box to fetch the calendar details, including the name of the calendar.

  4. Add the calendar name in the text box if the fetch did not include a calendar name. You may update this name at any time.

    • Note: The Add link changes to Del once the calendar has been added. Click Del to remove the calendar from your visit calendar.
  5. Click the color box next to the text box to open a color palette. Select any color on the palette to display this calendar's appointments in that color.

  6. If desired, add additional calendars by repeating steps 1-5. When you are finished adding calendars, click Save.

Any external calendar can be toggled on or off by clicking the calendar name in the legend. Your preferences will be saved, so if you leave the Visits page or log out, your calendars will re-appear exactly as they were when you last viewed them.


Export Calendar visit information can be sent to any external calendar that supports iCal feeds, including Outlook and Google. Use the iCal Subscribe link to download your iCal feed, then open it using your external calendar.

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