Updating Student School Records

This article provides an overview of how school counselors can verify and update the academic profiles of students in Slate.org. Students may grant independent counselors and community-based organizations read-only access to their academic and application information. 


Academic profile data can only be updated by a student's secondary school counselor. If you have an independent counselor or CBO counselor account and a student has granted you access to their record, the student's academic information will be in read-only format.

Accessing and Editing School Records

Help keep everyone on the same page by updating school record data for your students in Slate.org. Students can also self-report information that can later by verified by their counselors. This information may be shared with colleges and universities. 

  1. Click Students to access your student list.
  2. Click on an student record and go to Edit Record.
  3. Click on the School Record tab in the Edit Student pop-up window.
  4. Update the school data and Save.
Self-Reported Data

When students update their academic profile in Slate.org, the data will appear as self-reported. This information can later be verified by their school counselor. 

Counselor Verification

Once the counselor verifies the student's academic information in Slate.org, it will be read-only to the student and marked as "verified." 

Example of the student's view in Slate.org after counselor verification: 



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