đź’» Dive Deeper with EAB: Turbocharging Slate-Based Recruitment Marketing with Advanced Data Science


With each passing year, the amount of data generated by college-bound students grows at a phenomenal rate, in tandem with the ever-expanding range of digital channels through which they engage with schools they’re considering.

This data holds the promise of previously unimagined levels of insight into students’ needs, desires, and intentions. And while few schools have truly made good on that potential, this is changing. Innovations in enrollment focused-CRMs--Slate in particular--have made the capture, organization, analysis, and sharing of student data fast, easy, and intuitive enough that related insights are finally being reliably integrated into enrollment teams’ day-to-day work.

Slate offers the additional advantage of an architecture that simplifies the exchange of data with complementary systems. This enables Slate users to take advantage of innovative third-party offerings that focus on solving specific problems and bring to bear on that effort an expanded range of data inputs. Today’s presentation will explain how one such offering--EAB’s Yield IQ--works together with Slate to bring extraordinary predictive power to the analysis of a school’s admit pool and turn that insight into campaign elements proven to move the dial on enrollment outcomes.

Critical components of yield IQ include:

  • Rapid buildout of a data-exchange infrastructure that automatically extracts data from Slate and returns analyses to it, giving a continuous read on how your entering class is shaping
  • Predictive models based on advanced data science, including machine learning that give unparalleled insight into any given student’s likelihood to yield
  • Propriety data sources, including EAB’s Enrollment Services’ cohort of 300+ partner colleges and universities, EAB student-survey data, and national consumer data sets

This presentation will illustrate, via a case study from Siena College, how the combination of Slate and YieldIQ enables enrollment teams to triage their efforts to where they will have the most significant impact by revealing which students are most likely to respond to more intensive outreach.

Original Air Date: 09/03/2020

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