Overview for Secondary School Counselors

Slate.org is a free platform that provides one centralized location for managing visits, student applications, and document uploads. Below is the overview of core Slate.org functionality. Specific details on how to navigate and use Slate.org can be found in Knowledge Base.

Managing School Profiles and Users

Keep an Updated Profile

Each active organization can manage and update their profile and users in Slate.org.

Uploaded school profiles can be viewed by colleges and universities. Keep admissions offices up-to-date by uploading a new profile or deleting and replacing an existing one.


Add and Approve Users

Each institution has full control over who can access their Slate.org account. In order to protect the privacy of student data, we recommend only adding users who have been granted permission by your institution to access applicant information.

Start by reviewing the following Slate.org documentation and training video:

Managing Applications

Slate.org can be used to view checklist requirements, securely submit documents, and track applicant decisions through its unique integration with Slate. 

Get Organized

  • Create Student Lists: Working with a specific group of students? Student lists can be customized in Slate.org to help with caseload management. 
  • Create College Lists: Want to organize colleges and universities by state or institution type? College lists can be customized in order to quickly filter a group with one click. 

Track Applicants and Upload Documents

Colleges and universities that use Slate can opt in to sharing applicant data, checklists, statuses, and decisions. Additionally, you can track where students are in the application process and upload documents to complete applications for review. Student data is never bought or sold, and Slate.org maintains 100% data privacy.


Start by reviewing the following Slate.org documentation and training video:

Managing and Scheduling School Visits

Organize invite lists and post visit and college fair availability for colleges and universities to view in the free Slate.org calendar. Colleges can request visit registration, and counselors in Slate.org can approve or decline requests.

Create Visits

Visits can easily be created and scheduled ahead of time using the Slate.org Visits calendar. 


Integrate Calendars

Keep all of those important dates in one place! Visits scheduled in Slate.org can easily be integrated with external campus calendars. Additionally, external calendars and holidays can be added to the Slate.org calendar.

Start by reviewing the following Slate.org documentation and training video:

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