Overview for Admissions

Undergraduate colleges and universities that use Slate can opt in to sharing applicant statuses, checklists, and decisions with counselors in Slate.org. Additionally, checklist materials can be configured for counselor upload. All colleges and universities (with or without Slate) can view event invitations and request registration for visits that are posted by schools in Slate.org.

Sharing Applicant Data

Data Sharing Preparation

We recommend having an internal conversation before sharing data in Slate.org.

  • Decide which materials should be made available for upload, which decisions should be shared, and when they should be shared.
  • Check to see if your institution requires additional consent from students in order to share their application decisions with counselors. If so, include this as an additional filter in the data sharing settings
  • Consider testing data sharing with a single school prior to pushing out all applications. This can be done through a CEEB code round filter. 

Customize Application Sharing

Application sharing settings can be modified within minutes. Please note that the data sharing service runs every few hours and is not in real time.

Review the following documentation and webinar to get started:

Counselor Outreach

Let counselors know that your institution is using Slate.org in order to keep them updated on where their students reside in the application process.

  • Identify the schools that are enrolled in Slate.org: Colleges and universities that use Slate can identify enrolled organizations using the Slate.org Enrollment Status filter.
  • Communicate prior to decision release: As a best practice, we recommend reaching out to counselors with a Slate.org reminder. This can provide a great opportunity to describe which types of application decisions your institution will be sharing and when they will be shared. 
Registering for Visits and Events
Register for visits and college fairs, respond to event invitations, and view school profile data posted by high schools in Slate.org. Colleges and universities that do not use Slate can access the visits calendar in Slate.org. Colleges and universities that use Slate can access visits and invitations directly within Slate.

Review the following documentation and webinar to get started:

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