Enrolling in Slate.org

Enrolling in Slate.org is free for all parties and will forever remain free. The Slate.org online demo provides a unique view of both the counselor experience in Slate.org and the college experience in Slate.

Colleges and Universities

Undergraduate colleges and universities that use Slate are automatically enrolled in Slate.org. Each institution is given a general overview of Slate.org as a part of their implementation process. Colleges and universities that are new to Slate should review the Getting Started with Admissions guide prior to customizing Slate.org application sharing settings. 

Colleges and universities that do not use Slate can register for a free Slate.org account online to accept event invitations and register for school visits that are posted by counselors in Slate.org.

Secondary School Counselors and Community-Based Organizations

School counselors and community-based organizations may register online for a free account.  

Slate.org requests are approved either by Technolutions or an active user at your institution. The table below describes each scenario:

Technolutions Active User At Your Institution
Technolutions is only involved with approving the first active user for your institution. These requests go through our approval process in which your role, email, and institution are confirmed. If your organization has an active user in Slate.org, they are responsible for setting your account to active. Information can be found in our Profile and Users documentation as well as Slate.org TV.

 Once your account has been confirmed as active, save a Slate.org digital badge to post online!


Students may enroll for a free Slate.org account online. Additionally, counselors may invite students to join through Slate.org. 

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