Custom Tabs


The standard tabs included on the person record include the Dashboard, Timeline, Profile, and Materials.  In order to display additional information on a person record, custom tabs will need to be created.  Depending on the desired display of information, multiple options are available to display data.


Entities provide an easy-to-read display for objects that have a "one-to-many relationship" in Slate.  One example is displaying a student's multiple scholarships on one tab.

Custom Tab Entity

Standard Form Data Display

Because a custom tab is built via a form, the default display will show the fields in a stacked or table format, just as it does on a standard form.

Custom Tab List


Best Practices

Do not add all of the custom fields to tabs. Only fields that will be updated or referenced often while in the person record view should be placed on a custom tab. While it is possible to add multiple custom tabs to the person record, accessibility of the data is diminished when it is difficult to navigate a labyrinth of custom tabs.

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