Person Record Separation and Categorization

One of the fundamental steps is considering how to keep enrolled student records segmented from other person records in the system, particularly in shared environments.

Shared Databases (Admissions and Student Success)

The most efficient route to separate enrolled student records from student records going through the admissions cycle (prospect, inquiry, applicant) would be to create a new person status.  This new person status (such as enrolled or current) can be associated with new person status rules, and can categorize the group of enrolled student records appropriately.  Just like student records in the admissions cycle, further categorization of enrolled student records can be achieved via populations, rules, and custom fields.

Standalone Student Success Database

While the standard person statuses will remain available (prospect, inquiry, applicant), considering that the enrolled student records may be the only records in the database, it may not be necessary to use statuses at all. However, the creation of a new person status, with corresponding rules, can still be used. Examples may include statuses such as enrolled, withdrawn, and dismissed.

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