Alerts & Insights

Creating alerts and insights can help make users aware of an action, or they can prompt users to take an action. These notifications can be structured multiple ways in Slate and directed towards users (such as advisors, faculty, or coaches) or students.

Projects and Tasks

Using Projects and Tasks, alerts can be created to prompt users to take action or intervene with a student. The addition of a watch flag or tag on a person record can trigger a related task, alerting a specific user to take an action. For example, if a student notified their soccer coach that they were homesick and thinking about not returning next semester, the coach can add a watch flag to the student record. This would trigger the creation of a task that is assigned to the student's advisor, prompting them to reach out to the student and intervene. Alternatively, these tasks could be triggered upon form submission. For example, a form can be accessible to those interacting with students to submit basic information regarding their concern or alert, alerting the appropriate staff via the task creation.

Watch Flag

Related Task


Using the Deliver tool is also an effective way of automating alert messages via rules or administrative actions. Similar to Projects and Tasks trigger and action functionality, automated messages can be delivered to specific users notifying them of a required action or intervention step.

In the example below, the email would be triggered by way of a custom field that stores information regarding disciplinary action. The recipient list's filter criteria would return the appropriate information and send the email to the correct staff member, prompting them to take action.

Discimplinary Email

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