Deliver Considerations

The Deliver tool provides a powerful medium to communicate with the various constituents across campus.  Communication to faculty, staff, and students can all be centralized in Slate across various methods including email, SMS, social media, and print.  All messages integrate with the person record timeline for historical context and analysis.

If you are interested in tracking open and click rates, or simply want to display delivery statistics, sending messages from Deliver provides that data for any message sent.  

Delivery Statistics

There are options to dynamically display information in highly personalized messages, create custom templates, and structure multi-message drip campaigns.

The ability to query and report on message data can assist in making informed outreach-related decisions.  As an example, if there is a student who is not opening any emails over a certain period of time, an action can be created to alert a staff member to reach out separately to the student.  On a larger scale, if there is a message sent with a link that is not receiving a high number of clicks, perhaps the content or outreach strategy may be worth restructuring in order to increase engagement.

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