Staff Assignment

Assigning student records to advisors or staff members can be accomplished using staff assignment rules.  These assignments can be based on a variety of criteria including home state, country, last name, geomarket, transfer, etc.  An important consideration when sharing a database with admissions is the timing of the application of the staff assignment rules.  The admissions office likely already has a designated set of staff assignment rules, so the timing of when these new assignment rules run is significant.  It may be most effective to wait to run the rules for currently enrolled students until the point in time when they are considered "current students."  Some may consider this time to be move-in weekend, the first day of classes, or a certain amount of time after a student has submitted their enrollment deposit.

Multiple Staff Assignments

There may be a need for multiple users to be permanently assigned to a student record.  For example, a student may be assigned to an advisor and an academic coach or a faculty advisor.  This can be managed by creating multiple custom staff assigned fields and corresponding assignment rules for each field.

Other Options
If your process does not require specificity around staff assignment, or there is a need to lock an assignment that would persist or override other assignments, there is the option of adding a default rule and/or an assignment lock rule.


There may be a desire to run the person status rule to change a student record to "Enrolled" status at the time of their enrollment deposit/commitment.

Use this route with caution, as there may be students who submit an enrollment deposit, but either withdraw it later, or do not ultimately enroll at the start of the semester.  These students would likely have to be moved "backward" in the person status rules.

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