Student Success Implementation Time Commitment

How much time Slate Captains will need to devote to Slate depends on the project timeframe and resources that the team can allocate throughout the implementation. In general, the more aggressive the timeframe, the more time Slate Captains will need to devote to Slate.

This time commitment to implementation is critical to a successful launch.  Slate is process built, allowing individual institutions to customize every step of their operations.  Because of this high level of customization and configuration ability, proper time allocation is necessary, and the best way to gain knowledge of the system fundamentals.

  Best Practices

Make an office commitment to build a strong knowledge of all fundamental functionality in your first year. Focusing on Slate tools allows Slate Captains to move through the implementation as quickly and nimbly as possible.  Many institutions start an implementation thinking that their multi-step process must be replicated precisely in Slate. However, as Slate Captains come to learn more about the Slate tools, they will learn that those historical processes may be translated into Slate in a much more efficient way. 

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