Portals are custom microsites that can be built, hosted, and maintained directly within Slate using self-service functionality.

Because Portals are created and hosted within an instance, these sites can leverage any data housed in Slate and allow access using Slate authentication. They can be modified to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Considering the interdepartmental nature of student success and advising, portals may be advantageous to administer the level of interactivity that staff can have with the system. For example, a coach may have limited access to some information on a student record, whereas an advisor would need full-record access. A coaches portal may be the right solution for those staff members.

Additionally, a student portal can provide a great deal of personalized and custom information that displays to currently enrolled students. The ability to upload documents, submit payments, and submit forms is available via portals and can act as a "one-stop" experience for the students.

Some examples of constituents that may benefit from a customized portal include:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Advisors
  • Coaches



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