Stage 2: Populate Student Success Core Data


One important consideration is that currently enrolled student records may already exist in a shared database, since those records flowed through the admissions process and ultimately enrolled.  How long an institution has been using Slate and how long they retain certain data are key points of information to know.  Consult your admissions team prior to moving forward.

Before becoming operational, the student record dataset will need to be populated with data from a legacy system (or other Slate database). Slate's upload dataset tool will be used to import records to this dataset. 

As part of a comprehensive data migration strategy, the initial import to this dataset should be segmented into a hierarchy of data priority. The initial data import should only include core data elements such as:

  • Unique Field (Colleague ID, EMPLID, etc.)
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Address(es)
  • Phone

The first upload will establish the records within Slate. By including the unique field, subsequent imports will match directly on these existing records. The complete process of importing core data is described in Importing Current Person Data.

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