Niche Lead Integration

Every year, over 50 million people use Niche to find the right school for them. has in-depth profiles on all U.S. colleges, universities, and K-12 schools including millions of student reviews, comprehensive rankings, and detailed statistics. Students and families use Niche throughout the admissions process, and Niche helps connect schools with these highly engaged users when they are actively researching. This documentation outlines the necessary steps to configure the process of receiving leads from Niche within Slate.


Once configured, this integration allows Niche to automatically deliver lead data to your institution's SFTP directory.  In order to provide Niche with access to do this, there are two standard resources that must be added to your database: the Niche service account and the Niche Leads source format. The steps to configure these items are provided in the Slate Configurations section below.

Additionally, Niche will need to configure your account to receive the lead data. This process is described in the Niche Lead Delivery Setup section below.

Niche Lead Delivery Setup

To begin the process to configure lead delivery with Niche, submit their Lead Delivery Setup form.

One of the questions on the form requests the subdomain for your Slate instance. The subdomain is the portion of the web address that you use to connect to Slate before the /manage, for example, if you access Slate through the URL:, then your institution's subdomain is

After submitting the form, a Niche Implementation Specialist will reach out for any additional information needed and to confirm the setup.

Slate Configurations

Niche Service Account

This user account is configured to have access to the SFTP directories: /incoming/niche (where files will be dropped off) and /incoming/processed/niche (where files are moved once they are processed by Slate).

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Slate Template Library.
  2. Add the Niche Service Account under the Users section. This user account has all of the necessary configurations for Niche to be able to deliver files, so no changes should be made to this user account.
    Note: If you do not see the Niche Service Account, refresh the Slate Template Library using the refresh the Slate Template Library link at the top of the page.

Source Format

This Source Format will automatically pick up CSV files delivered to the /incoming/niche SFTP directory.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Source Format Library.
  2. Add the Niche Lead Delivery (CSV) Source Format.
  3. Configure the Remap settings once a file has been uploaded. Many standard items have been pre-mapped. As always, feel free to customize how the data will be imported.
  4. Set the Remap Active flag to Active on the source format once you are finished mapping the Source Format. This will run the import using the Remap settings configured in the step above for all files uploaded on or after the Remap As Of Date value.
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