Technolutions Development Roadmap


The Technolutions Development Roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines Slate as it may exist tomorrow. A comprehensive communication tool which allows users to track the development of features through the development pipeline, the Roadmap indicates when an update is scheduled to the moment it is published to production environments. The Development Roadmap is a strategic, living document, not necessarily designed to capture all of a plan's details. Each item represents a feature, which can be a standalone idea representing a single change, or a collection of ideas representing a broader, more inclusive vision for the future of the product.

Status Definition
Scheduled The feature and associated ideas are scheduled for development during an upcoming sprint.
Developing The feature and associated ideas are in a state of active development.
Code Review Development of the feature and associated ideas has been completed and is under review by the Development group. 
Published to Test Environments The feature and associated ideas have been published to all test environments.
Published to Production The feature and associated ideas have been published to all production environments.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a sprint?

A sprint is one timeboxed iteration of a continuous development cycle. Within a sprint, a planned amount of work has to be completed by the team and readied for review.

Are the Roadmap statuses and Idea statuses related?

Yes. All Roadmap statuses have a corresponding Idea status: 

Roadmap Status Ideas Status
Scheduled Planned
Developing In Progress
Code Review In Progress
Published to test environments Published to test environments
Published to production Completed
What information displays in the Published to Production column?

All items published within the last 4 weeks, or updated within the last 2 weeks.

My idea has been accepted for development. Why can't I see it on the Roadmap?

The Roadmap only displays features and ideas which have been added to an active development sprint. Ideas that may have been approved for development will appear on the Roadmap once active development has been scheduled or begun. Items approved by Development that are not featured on the Roadmap are placed into the backlog in a highly-curated and prioritized fashion.

How often is the Roadmap updated?

The Roadmap is updated throughout the day.

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