Slate Feedback Forum FAQs

Below are some frequent topics related to the Slate Feedback Forum.

How do I benefit from submitting an idea?

  • By submitting an idea, you will receive clear and transparent communication from Technolutions regarding ideas and the roadmap for product development.

What is a vote?

  • Votes are indications of support given to an idea.

What is a comment?

  • A comment is part of a conversation nested under an idea to provide additional feedback, use cases, or context. Comments do not represent support of an idea.

How do I check the status of an idea?

  • Idea statuses can be found on the idea itself. You will also be notified of a status change if you created the idea, were subscribed by a Technolutions staff member, or commented/voted on an idea.

What do the statuses mean?

  • No Status: The idea has yet to be considered or has yet to be deemed a priority for future development.

  • Tell Us More: This idea has potential, but the Product Management Team is looking to gather additional feedback from the Community to better understand its reach and impact or to gather input on the various ways it could be accomplished. Be sure to chime in with your thoughts! 

  • Stay Tuned: A preliminary review has been completed for this idea and it has been accepted for development, but a specific timeline for release has yet to be set.

  • Planned: This idea has been accepted for development, and work has been scheduled for an upcoming Sprint.

  • In Progress: This idea is currently in development.

  • Published to Test: This idea has been published to Test Environments ahead of being released to Production.

  • Published to Production: This idea has been published to Production Environments.

  • Completed: This idea has been published to Production Environments for a period of time with no additional comments being made by the Community. Once marked as “Completed,” comments are no longer accepted.

  • Deferred: This idea is something that Technolutions does not have full control over, and therefore the ability to make changes is limited. This status is often used when the idea relates to a third-party vendor or solution.

  • Try This: This idea is already possible in Slate. We often point to additional resources or provide more detailed information on how the function can be accomplished in our status update.

  • Not Planned: This idea has not been deemed a priority and is therefore not planned for future development. Once marked as “Not Planned,” comments are no longer accepted.

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