💻 Portals Across Campus (Part 2 of 3)


Portals can display limited or specific information to constituencies based on population permission and allow only certain updates to be made to particular records. Join us as we examine a faculty members portal and learn the theory and steps to create other types such as those for alumni and athletics. Original air date: 11/20/2019

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 00:30
Getting Started with Constituent Portals 01:33
Use Case: Department Admin Portal 04:22
Demonstration: Department Admin Portal 06:25
Fundamental Skills 08:20
New skills to learn for this use case 10:22
Use Case and Demo: Portal Queries 12:00
Use Case and Demo: Portal Views 21:58
Use Case and Demo: Portal Methods 32:58
Why build this type of portal? 36:22
What's Next? 39:55
Webinar Q&A 43:00
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