Preparation Checklist

Use the checklist below to help prepare for implementation:


🔲 Finalize agreement
🔲 Watch the “Welcome to Slate” webinar
🔲 Assign Captains
🔲 Register for an upcoming Fundamentals of Slate event

Submit Technical Details Form

🔲 Provision subdomain
🔲 Provide Single Sign-On (SSO) details

Make a preliminary project plan

🔲 Make a list of stakeholders
🔲 Make note of critical “go live” dates (e.g., reading begins, decision release)
🔲 Indicate when stakeholders will need to be included in the project

Consider all current systems

🔲 Make a list of the most frequently used current admissions systems
🔲 Understand how each system is used for current business processes
🔲 Make a list of external data systems that will push or pull data from Slate

Collect Examples

🔲 Print inquiry form(s)
🔲 Print complete application(s)
🔲 Print reader review form(s)
🔲 Document decision codes
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