Three-Tier Support Structure

Technolutions offers three levels of support: self-directed, community-based, and advanced. Links to all three can be found by opening Discover Slate in your database. 

To develop effective operations and carry out critical troubleshooting in the most timely manner, Slate Captains need to be able to use and apply solutions from the Knowledge Base and the Community Forums. However, if additional assistance is required after you have exhausted the tier 1 and tier 2 support options, consider reaching out to a Preferred Partner.

1. Self-Guided Exploration

You can quickly and easily use self-directed support resources to improve your use of Slate or address any questions. Self-directed resources include:

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is the premier resource for all your Slate-related needs. It offers comprehensive information and resources, including documentation, training videos, webinars, technical articles, and more, enabling you to promptly find the answers you require. Staying up-to-date on the latest features and best practices for using Slate is essential to maximize its potential. The Knowledge Base as the initial point of reference when you or your team have any questions.

Learning Lab

Learning Lab, our learning management system, is the perfect way to introduce your teams to key concepts and essential functionality. We recommend that all database decision-makers and users with specialized roles, such as marketing, take a Fundamentals of Slate course. With the additional beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, users can gain a more in-depth understanding of communications, queries, permissions, portals, and more. All courses are self-paced and interactive, allowing you to learn at your convenience.

Slate Showcase

Your institution can take advantage of a Clean Slate environment, which draws from the Slate Showcase database, to access functional examples of every essential Slate-based operation.

Using the Slate Suitcase tool, your team can easily copy functionality from Showcase into your production or test environment and jumpstart any project.

2. Community Exploration

The Slate Community offers rapid, efficient solutions, exemplary advice on best practices, and strategic guidance informed by years of user experience. Community-based support resources include:

Community Forums

Our Community Forums provide comprehensive guidance and support for any questions you may have. By leveraging the expertise of Technolutions staff, Preferred Partners, Community Moderators, and experienced Slate users, you can benefit from the collective knowledge of an experienced and engaged community, helping you maximize the value of your investments in Slate.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations are interactive, online discussions. Community Conversation topics include everything related to Slate, from how to organize your events to how to manage staff turnover. Navigate to your Home Slate or Discover Slate to register for an upcoming conversation.

Join a Community Conversation to take advantage of the opportunity to interact with peer institutions, broaden your professional network, and gain valuable insights into best practices. You will benefit from a dynamic and engaging online discussion and gain a deeper understanding of Slate and make the most out of your experience. Navigate to your Home Slate or Discover Slate today to register.

3. Advanced Exploration

Advanced support resources include:

Slate Preferred Partners

Technolutions works closely with our Preferred Partners, a network of Slate-focused companies that provide a wide variety of additional support options.

The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes companies that offer technical and strategic assistance while also providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners gain exclusive access to resources that provide a deeper understanding of product functionality, processes, and best practices.

Engage with Preferred Partners for dedicated on-campus and remote services, including implementation, consulting, and operational support.

Slate Status

Slate provides an online status portal that can determine whether a site-down issue is related to your institutional DNS or single sign-on configuration or is related to a broader concern.

Service Desk

Your institution can also submit tickets to the Service Desk. Questions posed directly to the Service Desk are managed by Technolutions' Client Support Engineers. The Submit Requests to Service Desk user permission is required to access the Service Desk. This permission is restricted to three users per database, although you can copy additional Slate users on a request.


Additional Support Resources

Slate Innovation Festival

Once a year, the entire Slate community comes together for the Slate Innovation Festival. The Slate Innovation Festival brings together admissions counselors, operations staff, technical staff, directors, deans of admission, vice presidents of enrollment, advancement staff, and companies who partner with Slate to exchange ideas focused on best and emerging practices across Slate and higher ed. 

Client Success Team

Your Client Success Team provides ongoing guidance throughout your implementation and year-to-year administration of your Slate database and is available to assist with critical emergencies.

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