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At Technolutions, we pride ourselves on innovation. The power and utility of Slate is in large part due to ongoing feedback and suggestions from the broader Slate community. Slate Feedback is designed to provide increased transparency and communication around the ongoing evolution of Slate.

Please submit your feedback on anything from Slate's features and functionality to documentation. We want Slate to be ever more powerful and useful, and to do that we want to hear from you!

Why are we using Slate Feedback instead of the new feature request in the Service Desk?

The change to using Slate Feedback will provide a mechanism for data driven analysis of new ideas. The forum will give you the opportunity to provide ideas, comments on ideas and votes for ideas. In turn, we will be able to communicate more transparently to the entire community regarding new ideas, features, and enhancements

Submitting Ideas

User ideas can be submitted either directly through Slate Feedback or will be captured by Technolutions staff and submitted on behalf of the user. All ideas will be reviewed by Technolutions and are available for comment by other users. The status of the suggestion will be updated by our product management team. Notifications of updates will be sent to users if they have voted or commented on the idea.

Submissions that have a greater chance of being understood, synthesized, and implemented by our development team will generally provide:

  • a clear summary of the idea
  • an example or use case
  • an attachment if one is warranted
  • a description of who this new idea would benefit

Checking Statuses

Users can check the status of the idea by searching for it within Slate Feedback or by subscribing to the idea. If a user is subscribed to the idea, they will get notifications upon future status changes.

Voting & Commenting on Ideas

Voting on an idea indicates support for the idea. We recommend searching for an idea within Slate Feedback before creating a new idea. If there is already an idea in Slate Feedback you can vote on the idea showing your support for it.

Commenting on ideas will create further context and helps open dialog with Technolutions staff as well as other peers and colleagues. It can help refine the initial suggestion.

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