💻 Reporting 103: Building a Funnel Report with Configurable Joins (Part 3 of 3)


Comfortable with building a basic funnel report? In the last of our Reporting 100 webinars, we will explore how to extend your funnel report using the power of Configurable Joins. (Part 3 of 3 in the Reporting 100 webinar series.) Original air date: 11/6/2019

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 00:42
Planning Ahead (outside of Slate) 00:58
Case Study: Building a Funnel Report 01:25
What questions are we trying to answer? 01:45
Different Reports for Different Goals 02:10
Building Your Report: What am I counting? 02:30
Slate Template Library vs Configurable Joins bases 03:00
Complete Report Example 03:55
Demonstration: Reporting on Applications 04:15
Demonstration: Reporting on Prospects 31:40
Managing Stealth and Re-Applicants 37:10
Managing Stealth and Re-Applicants 35:30
Webinar Q&A 48:10
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