Configuring Document Export Materials

For Slate materials to be included in a Document Export query, certain configurations are required. Custom materials and Slate system materials are configured differently. 

Configuring Custom Materials

Custom materials must have an export value configured. For example:

Edit Record in Materials

The existence of an Export Value for a custom material allows the item to be included in a Document Export. The Export Value should be the material code expected by the external system. Other materials that have an Export Value configured will also be included in the Document Export if those materials exist for a record.

Configuring System Materials

The majority of Slate system materials are not immediately available in the materials configuration tool. System materials require special configurations in order to be included in a document export.  An example is a decision letter. Review each system material type below and configure the Export Value that is expected by the external system when including these materials in a Document Export. The export values listed below are examples and do not need to be recreated exactly.

  Best Practice

When configuring system materials, set the status to Inactive and append (For Doc Export) to the name. This ensures users will not inadvertently upload documents to this material type.

System Material Example Configurations
Any Decision Letter


The Decision Code must be set as "Printable" and the decision marked as released on the record in order for the letter to be included in the export.
Specific Decision Letter


Append the material key for the specific decision code to include decision letters associated with that decision code.

The decision code must be set as "Printable" and the decision marked as released on the record in order for the letter to be included in the export.

For example, if the Admit decision code is configured with an AD code, a material with the sys:decision_AD key will export letters associated with the Admit decision code.

Slate-Hosted Automapped Application


Mapped application.pdf


This excludes Application Creation forms (see Form/Event/Interview Registration below).
Reference for Slate-hosted Application


Custom-mapped PDF (e.g. Dashboard)


Append the file name of the custom PDF in the File Editor tool, excluding the .pdf extension and the file path. 

For example, if the custom PDF has the following file paths:




Configure the key for the material as:


School Report


Reader Form


When editing a form, click Edit Properties to configure the form's export value. Append the material key with the Form Export Value to associated the Form to the Material:


Form Registration 


Event/Interview Registration

Application Creation forms


When editing a form, click Edit  Properties to configure the form's export value


Append the material key with the Form Export Value to associate the Form to the Material.


The material key must include:  sys:event_

After the underscore, add the form export value. The material key should look similar to the following example:


System transcript materials may be included in a document export by adding export values to the existing material types (do not append the key or inactivate the status):

System Material Add export values to the existing material:
Transcript (Copy)


Transcript (Official)



Only the materials listed above use the special sys: key prefix.

Do not use this key for any other material key prefix as it will not replicate the same inherent functionality that relates to the standard system materials (such as Transcript (Official) and Transcript (Copy), which were delivered out of the box when the database was provisioned).

  • The sys:form_ key is used to export Reader Review forms only. 
  • All other forms use the sys:event_ key.
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