Advancement Support Resources

Technolutions offers a comprehensive array of educational and support resources for its users to enhance their use of Slate:

Learning Lab

Learning Lab is a learning management system that offers interactive, specialized, and comprehensive online training courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Slate users.

Fundamentals of Slate

With our Fundamentals of Slate online courses, users learn the core principles and foundational concepts of Slate at their own pace through interactive, online course content. These courses teach database decision-makers to build and maintain their institution's database.

Register for a Fundamentals of Slate course at any time and access it for one full year from the registration date.

Continuing Education

In addition to the Fundamentals of Slate content, other courses are launched throughout the year to expand fundamental Slate knowledge and dive deeper into functional areas, including communications, queries and reports, permissions, portals, and more.

Knowledge Base

The Slate Knowledge Base offers extensive documentation, guides, training videos, webinars, technical articles, and other relevant resources. In addition to resources in the Knowledge Base, inline documentation is directly available in Slate and dynamically displays relevant articles.

Slate Preferred Partners

The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners gain exclusive access to resources that provide a deeper understanding of product functions, processes, and best practices.

Engage with Preferred Partners for on-campus and remote dedicated services, including implementation, consulting, and support services for Slate and your organization's Slate projects and priorities.

Community Forums

The best support resource for implementing institutions and empowering your advancement office comes from community support. Connect with the broader Slate community, including Technolutions staff, Preferred Partners, Community Ambassadors, and other Slate users, to learn, share, solicit answers and advice, and collaborate.

Community Conversations

Join Technolutions staff members and members of the Slate community for our series of focused community support conversations. These conversations provide dedicated support to institutions at all phases of their implementation on specific topics. This community-based approach provides an avenue to learn from Technolutions staff and your colleagues' experiences at other institutions. Go to your Home Slate to register for upcoming conversations.

Slate Advancement Showcase

Your institution can provision a Clean Slate environment that pulls from the Slate Advancement Showcase database anytime. This environment provides examples of best practices in Slate and how various elements can be configured. 

Use the Slate Briefcase tool to copy data objects from the Showcase environment into a production or test environment for further modification and customization. 

Client Success Team

The Client Success Team functions as a cohesive support team to assist clients with onboarding and implementing their Slate database. Client Success Managers guide teams through the Slate ecosystem of resources. Client Support Engineers are Slate subject matter experts and work closely with Client Success Managers to understand an institution's process to tackle more complex projects.

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