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Audience: Undergraduate Slate Partner Colleges and Universities

Slate.org is a free tool that school counselors are using to support their students, invite colleges to school visits, see application data, and upload transcripts and materials directly to applicant files. As a Slate partner organization, learn how your institution can opt-in to share data with secondary schools, receive updated student information, and create outreach initiatives to high school counselors before you hit the road for recruitment travel. Original air date: 9/20/2019

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Agenda 01:45
Slate.org overview 02:40
Who is using Slate.org? 03:45
Counselor Online Registration Information 04:36
Application Data Sharing Settings 06:06
Rounds 08:30
Application Statuses 10:40
Checklists 11:33
Materials 11:50
Batch Materials 12:30
Decisions 13:05
Application Data - High School Counselor Perspective 14:30
Yearly Updates - Cycle Prep 22:20
Inviting Counselors to Use Slate.org 23:30
Webinar Recap 28:40
Slate.org Resources 29:48
Webinar Q&A 31:20
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