Considerations for Advancement and Admissions in the Same Database

Leveraging Slate for both admissions and advancement processes offers a considerable advantage for institutions to leverage the totality of data associated with the complete lifecycle of a person affiliated with their school. 

For example, advancement offices can immediately connect with and cultivate parents of students as soon as they matriculate. They can also leverage the information about classes taken by students, scholarships received, and other data points to create customized solicitation and engagement plans for those students once they become alumni. 

Conversely, admissions offices can leverage the relationship information on alumni and donors—cultivating and recruiting children whose parents already have a deep connection to the institution. 

Given the potential sensitivities around these distinct populations of records, it is important to consider user, object, and record access early in the implementation process to ensure a strategy is in place for handling these two cohorts. Slate provides the ability to control users' access, object access, and record access in a manner that allows each institution to control with granularity just how closely (or not) the business units operate. During the implementation process, a plan specific to an institution's requirements will be discussed with a Technolutions Client Success Manager.  

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