Step 6: Import Giving Elements

With the core elements of people, companies and foundations, and funds established, institutions can start to bring in elements associated with the giving process. 

Just like importing and populating the core record components of Slate, a batched approach is recommended for importing historical gift data. Following a specific order—and segmenting into separate files—will allow for a straightforward mapping of the files and will allow for subsequent imports to connect appropriately to any related gifts elements.

The order of operations for historical imports are as follows:

  1. Opportunities
  2. Pledges
  3. Planned Gifts
  4. Gifts
  5. Soft Credits

The mapping destinations—and their associated descriptions are specifically linked above. 

1477687905_important.png Important! Configuring and establishing relationships before importing gift elements will greatly assist with the application of soft credits. Soft credits can be applied by the relationships among records—allowing for a consistent application of an institution's soft credit policy. 
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