Reader Overview

All aspects of an institution's reading process, from managing reader queues to reviewing applications and determining admissions decisions, can be accomplished in the Reader. This article provides a brief overview of the Reader. 

The Reader is a robust tool that allows an institution to organize applications into Reader bins, display precise documents for readers to review, display and submit review forms, automate and batch manage application movement within bins, manage reader queues, and create widgets to appear in the Reader. 

Learn about the basics of the Reader first! Once the structure and navigational tools in the Reader are fully understood, then the different elements of the review process can be constructed. 


Navigate the Reader

  1. Click Reader in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Home. The Home screen displays navigational resources and customizable widget charts:
    • The right-hand panel displays helpful Reader navigation resources
    • Widgets can be created to display snapshots of data on the Home screen of the Reader. 
    • Other aspects of the Reader can be navigated to from the menu in the left-hand column.
  3. Click Browse. This view will display the Reader bin structure. The total number of applications can be seen within each bin. 
    • Filter - Add filters to isolate particular applications within your Reader Bins. For example, adding the Sex filter and selecting Female will result in only your female applicants displaying in this view. (Optional: preset filters may be built). 
  4. Click Search. This view will display a list of the applications that the current user has permission to view. Clicking into a bin while in the Browse view will also navigate to this page. 
    • Search - Type in the name of a record to quickly look up a particular applicant. 
    • Filter - Clicking on a bin narrows down the list of applications to those in the selected bin. Other bins may be selected in the dropdown or all bins may be shown. Any preset filters created may be selected in the second dropdown. The list of applications can also be further refined by adding more filters, or broadened by removing filters. 
    • Build Query  - This button navigates to the Query tool, automatically applying any filters used and allowing for batch management of applications in a particular bin. 
    • + 5 and -5 - Clicking these buttons will add five random applications from the list to the current user's queue, or remove five random applications from the queue. 
    • Add to Queue  - Select applications for review and add them to the queue by clicking this button.
    • Display Copy icon  - Clicking on this icon next to any given application will allow the application to be viewed without adding it to the current user's queue. 
  5. Click Queue. This view will display the applications that are in the current user's queue. This view may contain applications from various bins, and filters may be added to isolate particular applications within the queue. Click on an application to read and review it. 
    • Remove from Queue - Click this button first, then select which applications should be removed from the queue. Once those particular applications are highlighted, click the button again to officially remove them from the queue. 

Queue management can be accomplished automatically

Left Hand Navigation Description
Home Return to Reader home page. 
Browse View all Reader bins, including the total number of applications within each Reader bin.
Search View applications in a list view and add filters to narrow the results. 
Queue View applications that are assigned to the current user's queue.
Recent View a list of the most recently viewed applications. This view is user-specific.
Share Allows the leader of a committee to broadcast their screen to other viewers in the meeting. 
Classify Move application files to a pending bin to see how a class is shaping up. 
Help Access helpful Reader resources like documentation and webinars.
Exit Exit the Reader and return to the person record or Slate homepage. 


Viewing an Application

When reading an application, Reader Tabs will appear in the left column. Materials associated with each tab will display in the Reader. Navigate through the different parts of the application by clicking on the Reader Tabs.

Option Explanation
Add to Queue/Remove from Queue Add a file to the current user's queue or remove a file from the queue by clicking this button.
Annotations  Click and drag to move through pages, select text, highlight and erase, and post sticky notes to the application to make annotations on a file. 
Review Form/Send to Bin Click this button to fill out a review form for a file, and send it to the next bin destination. Clicking the "Send button" will remove the application from the current user's queue, send it to the specified bin, and optionally, the next reader's queue. 
ID and Applicant Name

Clicking this button in the upper-left corner will display a snapshot history of the application, including previously submitted review forms. 

  • Lookup Application - Open the person record for this applicant in another window.
  • Read Application in New Window - Open this application in Reader in a new browser window. 
  • Show New Materials Report - See new materials that were added to this application since it was last read.
  • Edit Bin/Queue - change the current Reader Bin and/or Queue assignment for this application.
  • Download PDF - Download the application as a printable PDF document.
  • Review Forms - Clicking on a previously submitted review form displays the data that was submitted. 


Many of the items in this view are permission-dependent.

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