Query Output Destinations

Often queries are run with a specific business goal in mind. For example, query results may need to be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Destination Description
Export Spreadsheet Download the results as an Excel XLSX file.
Deliver Mailing Copy the entire query into a mailing (for use as a live query) or copy the results into a mailing as a static recipient list. Only non-system mailings with a status of "In Progress" or "Completed" that are assigned to the user running the query will be available as an export destination. Users will only be able to add queries as recipient lists to either new mailings or mailings where they are also the user.
Portal Add the query to an existing portal.
Report Builder Send query results to the Report Builder tool to start a new report.
Comma-Delimited File Download the results as a CSV (comma-separated values) file.
Tab-Delimited File Download query results as a tab-delimited TXT file.
PDF Document Export Export PDF documents as a single file or within a ZIP archive.
Decision Letter Export to Word If a decision letter exists on the application record, download a copy of the letter as a Word document.
PDF Report  Download a PDF file with the query results in a table layout.
HTML Report Display query results in an HTML table.
Mail Merge Word Document Export the results to an uploaded Word document and either merge the data or set up the merge fields.
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