Project Templates and Projects

Projects (composed of tasks) allow for the creation (either through automation or on an ad-hoc basis) and execution of tasks to aid in the completion of a business process.

Creating a Project Template

Much like Events and Scheduler, templates can be used to save setup time when creating projects. While projects can be created in an ad-hoc fashion, it is always recommended to begin with a template to avoid building projects from scratch every time a new project is needed.

To configure a template:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Projects.
  2. Select New Template.
  3. Enter the following configurations in the dialog box:
    • Template Name: Give the template a name. The name should be broad enough to potentially span multiple project types.
    • Description: Describe the template.
  4. Select Save
  5. Select Sharing Permissions to set the sharing permissions.
Creating a Project

Use task notes to provide more detailed updates for a task as work progresses. This is especially useful if a single task involves multiple steps.

  1. Select New Project.
  2. Enter the following configurations in the dialog box:
    • Status: This field is required for projects. A standard list of prompt values is not provided by default, and the list must first be defined through Prompts, using a key of "project_status." The list must include a value of "Complete" to allow projects and tasks to be marked as "Complete."

      Prompt and corresponding categories include (additional prompts may be created):

      Prompt Category
      Complete Complete
      In Progress In Progress
      Not Started Not Started


      While additional prompt values may be created, the category for any new prompt must be either "Complete", "In Progress", or "Not Started."
    • Folder: Place the project in a folder.
    • Project Title: Create a name for the project.
    • Deadline: Enter the date and time for the project to be completed.
    • Template: Select the appropriate template for the project.
    • Description: Describe the project's overall goals and objectives.

Permission settings are required for the use of Projects. Sharing permissions can be associated at the template level or project level.

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