Troubleshooting Events/Scheduler

Below are some frequent topics related to creating and managing the events and interview process in Slate.

Event/interview slots were not created using “multiple instances” of events/interviews

Be sure all the following criteria are completed:

  1. Date Range.
  2. Weekdays (days of the week must be checked even if only one date is specified above).
The template screen does not display all past events

The template screen “Past Instances” section will only display events from the last 6 months. Events older than this are still visible on the calendar, or, data is accessible via a template-based query.

An event is not displayed on the public event calendar
  • Check to see that the event is at a "Confirmed/Active" status.
  • Check that the "do not display on public landing pages" box is unchecked on the event AND the associated event template.
  • Check that the folder the event is stored in is checked on the "Event Landing Page Configurations" page.
A map is not displaying for an event
  • Verify the location information for your event contains a valid mailing address
  • Additional information such as room #, building name, etc., is best indicated in the “Location Name” field rather than the “Street Address” field.
An event-based communication was not sent
  • Is the communication active?
  • Is the correct merge field (such as “sys-email”) being used for the recipient field?
  • If the mailing is an hours before/hours after message, it will not send again if the original trigger time has passed, even if the “hours before/after” value is changed. Therefore, it is always a good idea to create a new mailing if you want an additional message to be sent for a new hours before/after event.
  • “Hours before/after” mailings will not send to students who register for/are marked as attended for the event after the “hours before/after” point in time.
  • If an event has no specific start time indicated, then the start time will be considered to be 12:00 am on the day of the event. This has implications for the hours before/after trigger.
An event cancellation email was not sent

Event cancellation emails are only sent when the event is canceled by the student -- they are not sent when the event is canceled administratively.

To cancel an event registration as a Slate user as if you are a student (i.e., in a way that will trigger the cancellation email to be sent), do the following:

  1. Locate the student record Slate. Locate their event registration. Click edit.
  2. Note the 36 characters after k= in the URL.
  3. Append the characters from (2.) to https://[your site]/register/?k=
  4. Click cancel registration.
The administrative "Reschedule" functionality did not transfer over all data points from the form

Rescheduling an event/interview will only transfer data points from the form that are mapped to system fields – think of the rescheduled form as a new form that is pre-filled by system field information only.

Best practice methods for “rescheduling”:

  • Externally:
    1. Encourage the student to cancel their original registration.
    2. Navigate to the standard public event/interview calendar.
    3. Sign up for a new event/interview slot
  • Internally/Administratively:
    1. Access the registration for the new event/new interview slot.
    2. Reference the old registration, and update the new registration with the non-system field info (i.e., lunch preference, guests, etc.).
    3. Register for the new slot.
    4. Cancel the old event/interview registration.
Guest vs Attendees

The "Guests" value excludes the registrant (student); "Attendees" includes the registrant.

Guest attending related events
  • If you have registration limits on your primary event, include the sys:guests or sys:attendees field to leverage this functionality.
  • If your related events also have registration limits, add the sys:guests or sys:attendees field to your related event template form as well; the value entered in the guests or attendees fields on the master template will then carry through to the related event as well.


To ensure that Slate collects the proper number of guests for the total registration amount, map only one form field to either Guests or Attendees under the Special Form Fields category.
Want to cancel a student's event registration, including related events?
  • Edit the primary event registration.
  • Uncheck the related events the student is registered for. Click Update. This will cancel the related event registrations.
  • Edit the primary event registration again -- no related events should be checked at this time.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "cancel registration". This will cancel the primary event registration.
Submission Conditions
  • Want to prevent students from registering for more than 1 (or a specific number) of certain types of events? You can utilize "Submission Conditions" on an event or interview registration form to enforce this.
  • Use a filter such as "Interview Registration Count by Template" or "Event Registration Count by Template".
  • To prevent a student from registering for more than one interview: use a submission condition of "Less than or equal to 1 (<= 1) Interview from the template at a registered or attended status".
  • Since a submission denied message will be displayed if a student does not meet the filter criteria, filter for students who have one or fewer interviews registered/attended. When the student tries to register for a 2nd interview, they will not meet the filter criteria and will receive the submission denied message. 
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