Virtual Merchant/Elavon/Converge

To integrate with Virtual Merchant/Elavon/Converge:

  1. Navigate to the Application Editor
  2. Select the payment page for the payment account that you wish to link to Virtual Merchant. 
    • Note that this is one of the few integrations where payment data is collected in Slate and then sent to the provider behind-the-scenes.
    • If you intend to use the same payment configuration for all your payment_account prompts, you will set up the configuration under the default payment part ID.
  3. You will need the following information:
    • Merchant ID
    • User ID
    • PIN

Be Aware

We will not be sending a referrer to the Virtual Merchant API, so you should disable the referrer check for that account.

If you want to use Virtual Merchant's test mode, add the "test" or Demo API URL in the 'API Url' field. If you are using production mode and credentials, leave this field blank.

 Tip - IP Address Filtering

If you have configured Virtual Merchant to filter traffic by IP address, please make sure to add our addresses. You can find the current IP addresses in the SFTP Technical Details for Network Administrators article.

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