Payflow Pro

To integrate with Payflow Pro, configure the following settings:

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Application Editor.
  2. Click on the link to the application to which the payment configuration should apply.
  3. In the lower table that includes Part ID and Module Description, click on the Part ID for the fee type to be configured (i.e. payment_Application Fee, payment_Enrollment Deposit, etc.).
  4. Click on "Payment Providers"
  5. Choose "Payflow Pro".
  6. Insert the Partner, Vendor/Merchant Login, User and Password provided to you by Paypal.
    1. If you want to use Payflow's test mode, add the "test" URL in the 'API Url' field
    2. If you are using production mode and credentials, leave this field blank.
  7. Save.


This is one of the few integrations where payment data is collected in Slate and then sent to the provider behind-the-scenes and can be configured by you, the user.

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