Flywire processes student payments around the globe. Known widely for international payments — with more than 130 currencies in over 220 countries — Flywire also offers a comprehensive receivables solution that includes the ability to process US payments for schools using their CRS platform. Some institutions send their US applicants to one of the other available payment gateways, but send international students through Flywire.

To integrate with Flywire:

1. Click the Database on the Slate navigation bar, then select Application Editor in the Applications area.


2. Select the desired application configuration to integrate.


3. Locate and select one of the Part IDs related to the Payment Page.


4. Click Payment Providers.


5. Locate the Payment Provider list and select Flywire. The configuration popup updates with fields specific to Flywire.


6. Follow the instructions on the popup to complete the configuration.


Flywire offers the ability to select the point in the process for the payment to be marked as Paid in Slate. For example, you may not want to mark it as paid until the Flywire transaction is "Delivered" (you have the money), or you may want to mark it as paid once the status is "Guaranteed" (Flywire has collected the money and you will get it within 1-2 business days). 

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