FlyWire (Peer Transfer)

Flywire, formerly Peer Transfer, is widely used for international payments; some institutions send their US applicants to one of the other available payment gateways but send international students through Peer Transfer (they are better able to collect funds in other currencies and from countries that are restricted).

To integrate with Peer Transfer:

  • Please provide the following (via a Service Request):
    • Provider ID
    • Destination ID
    • URL
  • Please let us know what status to mark the Slate account as paid.

In addition, since Peer Transfer payments often take an extended period of time, we offer the ability to select at what point in the process you want the payment to be marked as Paid in Slate. For example, you may not want to mark it as paid until the Peer Transfer transaction is "Delivered" (i.e. you have the money), or you may want to mark it as paid once the status is "Guaranteed" (i.e. they've collected the money and you will get it). 

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