Most of our institutions using Cybersource use their newer product, "Secure Acceptance". We do also support Cybersource HOP but we believe that all users of this have migrated to Secure Acceptance.

To integrate with Secure Acceptance:

  • Configure a Merchant Post URL in your profile of the Slate host name followed by "/apply/payment?cmd=cybersource_secureacceptance".
  • After completing a payment in Cybersource, there's a button "Return to website" that can be configured to redirect the user back to Slate. Clicking that button should issue a GET request to:

Note: you could also redirect the user to another Slate portal or some other non-Slate location, if desired, however, the merchant Post URL has to be the one outlined above!

Please provide the following (when you open your Service Request):

  • Profile ID
  • Access Key
  • Secret Key
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