For all new implementations, we are integrating with Authorize.Net using their AcceptJS API.

Generate the Client Key

In Authorize.Net, you will need to generate the client key using the merchant interface. To do so:

  1. Log-in to the Merchant Interface as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to:
    • Account > Settings > Security Settings > General Security Settings > Manage Public Client Key.
    • If the Public Client Key does not yet exist, answer your security question to generate the key.
Create a Service Request

Please provide the following information (via a Service Request):

  • The API login
  • Transaction key
  • Public Client key

These credentials can be added directly in the Service Desk Request or you can also provide them in the following ways: 

  • Upload a text file containing the key to your Slate File Editor, OR
  • Copy the key into the notes field of your Slate user profile (Details tab), OR
  • Use a service like: to get a one-time link.

  Additional Notes

If you have a Sandbox environment and would like to use this to facilitate initial 'test payments', please include all of the above items for the sandbox account (optional).

If you require the billing address from the payer as part of the transaction, please indicate this in your Service Request.

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