Allowing Payments on Behalf of Others

When an applicant owes a fee, such as an application fee or enrollment deposit, they will see a notification and a "Submit Payment" link on their applicant status page. However, only the applicant themselves, when logged in, has access to the applicant status page.

What if a relative or other person will be making the payment on the applicant's behalf?

Payment Page

The Submit Payment link on the status page will go to a payment page within Slate. The format of that page will vary based on the payment processor used, but the URL will always be of the form "/apply/payment?id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", where the GUID in the URL is the GUID of the Payment Due activity on that applicant's record.

Note that this GUID is different for every applicant, so it's essential to use the correct link!

That payment page is not password-protected. The applicant's relative can go straight to that payment page, if they have the correct URL, and can make or initiate the payment from there.

Payment Link

There are two options for obtaining the payment link:

  1. One option, of course, is for the applicant to go to their own status page, and copy/paste the payment link to give to the person who is paying on their behalf.
  2. Alternatively, you can send that payment link in an email. If you use an Application query as the recipient list for a Deliver message, you can use a subquery export:
    • Leave the output setting as Rank.
    • Create a join to Payment Activities.
    • Add a filter for the Account of the payment.
    • Add an export for Payment Link.
    Using a subquery export

Note that, if the applicant has more than one Payment Due activity in the same payment account, they will automatically be added together, and the ID for either of the activities will lead to that same payment page.

Remember: you must have a process to obtain the correct individual link for each applicant, as each link ID is specific to a single applicant.

Payment Processor

Will this work for my payment processor?

There is some variation in how the flow is handled for different payment processors (and sometimes even for different setups for the same processor). If you are using our built-in Slate Payments system, this will certainly work, and it will work for the majority of payment processors. We recommend making a test payment in this manner (without logging in) to verify the experience. If the experience is not smooth (e.g. you don't see the applicant's name, or you are sent to a login page and can't tell whether the payment succeeded) please submit a Service Desk request and we'll look over your configuration and determine if this process will work. In some cases it will mean changing the redirect URL that is set for your processor.

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