Prospect Research

Data points about prospective and current donors can be captured and stored in custom fields on the Person Record. Clustered groups of data points can be stored as Entities. Entities can be displayed and accessed on Tabs within a Record.

These grouped data points can store information such as prospect stages, ratings, evaluations, and other salient details related to a donor's potential to give. The decision about what elements to create and store can be individually defined by each institution using Slate - as it relates directly to an institution's unique process.

Wealth screening, as well as other data enrichments, can be imported directly to Entity fields and associated with an individual record via Source Formats using Upload Dataset. Additionally, users can update entity fields directly from the Record.

Biographies and other materials can be associated with a Record. These materials, fields, and entity values can be coalesced into Reader Tab Groups/Materials for easy viewing of all qualifying data elements related to an individual.

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