Capturing Donor Interactions

Advancement offices interact with donors and prospective donors in a variety of ways - both internally within Slate as well as externally.

All of the interactions that occur within Slate - such as emails, texts, events, gifts, file imports, etc. - are automatically captured and stored on the Interactions tab.

Custom Interactions

To capture the events that occur externally, Custom Interactions can be created. These interactions can be grouped into main categories (Parent Codes) and subcodes. For example, common interactions that can be created include:

  • Contact Report (Parent Code)
    Contact Report > Encounter
    Contact Report > Off-Campus Meeting
    Contact Report > On-Campus Meeting
  • Phone (Parent Code)
    Phone > Call Placed
    Phone > Call Received
  • Print Mailings (Parent Code)
    Print Mailings > Invitation
    Print Mailings > Newsletter
    Print Mailings > Solicitation

Once created, these types of custom interactions can be added to a Record either directly - selecting 'New Interaction' from the Timeline tab - or by being included within a Form (such as a Contact Report form).

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