Acknowledgement & Receipts

Utilizing Form Communications and recurring Deliver mailings, you can send acknowledgments and receipts electronically. Merging in details from the gift and payment details, this method provides an immediate or close-to-immediate method of thanking a donor for their gift.

You can add filters to a mailing's recipient list that restrict the delivery of acknowledgments using this method to donations under a certain amount - or if a donor selects to receive electronic delivery of a gift receipt on the online giving form.

Query Execution to Mail Merge

One of the more frequently used methods, you can configure a tracking query to return only new gifts since the last time the query was run.

Once run, the query results can be batch managed and exported to a previously uploaded Mail Merge document (multiple merge documents can be uploaded and stored in Slate). The gift processor can either export and continue to modify the merge document or export and execute the merge immediately.

Automated Printed Letters

Leveraging Deliver's multiple print options, recurring letters can be configured to automatically send through the USPS to a donor's mailing address. As in email messages, merge fields can display the appropriate gift and payment information.

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