Online Giving

Any number of online giving forms can be created within Slate. These forms can be accessed directly as part of a Portal or embedded on institutional web properties.

Online giving forms must include person information that can match onto records that already exist in the database, and can create records where one does not exist. In addition to person information, the form must include (at least) the required fields necessary for a gift or pledge to be created.

Gift fields can either be selected by the end-user (i.e. designated to a fund) or hidden and defaulted to a particular value (i.e. Gift Status defaulted to 'Received').

Payment can be processed directly through the form by including the payment widget. The payment widget can calculate the sum of the gift amounts in order to charge the appropriate amount via ACH or credit card payment.

Split gifts can be accepted on a single online giving form through the use of Replicate Blocks.

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