Opportunities and Proposals

Major asks can be tracked in Slate as Opportunities.

A record can have any number of opportunities. Each opportunity allows for capturing the opportunity name, date, status, and description. Opportunity statuses can be customized on an institutional basis by modifying the standard giving prompts.

Additionally, each opportunity captures a specific ask amount. Slate automatically captures expected and received amounts based on gifts and pledges associated with an opportunity.

Materials can be directly associated with an opportunity. For example, a completed proposal can be uploaded into Slate in PDF format and associated directly with an opportunity on an individual record.

Each opportunity can have any number of notes associated with it. Useful for tracking developments of a major gift opportunity, these notes are date/timestamped, can have unique users, and allow for the entry of a subject and detailed notes.

Custom Opportunity and Opportunity Notes fields can be created to track additional detailed information specific to each institution's unique process.

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