Event and Event Communications

With the ability to create, schedule, and invite attendees to events (as well as send automated emails), the event management system in Slate consolidates and simplifies offices processes into a single, straightforward system.

Events can leverage templates, that allow for recurring events to be created en masse without the need for additional configurations. These templates can leverage a streamlined system of communication that respond dynamically per individual event within a given template.

Slate is able to handle multiple event registrations with a single form submission through the use of Related Events.

Multiple registrants/guests (Group Registrations) can be captured in a single event form submission through the use of registration blocks.

Events can be aggregated and displayed on custom event landing pages or embedded directly on institutional web properties. These landing pages can display events in a variety of views: calendar, map, and list. In addition to physical events, online events and webinars can be hosted directly within Slate.

In addition to the registrant details captured upon an event's registration page, gifts and event payments can be collected at the time of registration.

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